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Recent Major Achievements
  1. Runway / Taxiway / Apron lighting upgradation of 3 Runways in King Abdul Aziz Intnl: airport. The biggest ongoing runway lighting project in world now valued around 40 M US$
  2. Apron 7 in King Abdul Aziz Intnl airport; Del, T&C of Pre conditioned air units , 400Hz freq: convertors from FMC USA and Runway utility pits from Combi Box LLC Sweden installed in Apron 7 attached to Haj Terminal . 20 Parking lots for different type aircrafts including Airbus A 380 . A unique project of it’s kind in Middle East
  3. Aircraft ground landing and docking system in Apron 7 KAIA; State of the art aircraft guiding and docking system from FMT Sweden installed in Apron 7
  4. International Medical Centre – Jeddah ; Delivery , testing / commissioning of all MV & LV items . The MV swgr Line up is one of the longest MV swgr line ups in Middle East . Order value 14M Sr
  5. Haj Terminal in King Abdul Aziz Intnl airport; A BOT project by Saudi Binladin Group . Delivery , T&C of MV and LV Items from Eaton . Order value 9M Sr . The new Haj terminal is commissioned and opened
  6. King Abdul Aziz Intnl, Airport , North & South Terminal; Del:, T&C of replaced competitor make MV Swgrs, Txmrs of Eaton make
  7. Removal & destruction of PCB filled transformers from KAIA and replacing with mineral oil filled Transformers . PCB is declared as hazardous material and a UN charter exists for removal, transportation and destruction of Transformers filled with PCB . We executed destruction of 8 MV transformers as per UN charter with certification by the concerned authority
  8. King Abdullah University of Science & Technology – Thuwal . Del, T&C of Eaton MV line ups , MCCs, Txmrs etc in Research Park . A Project by Saudi Binladin Adv: Vision Co value around 14M completed prior to inauguration
  9. King Abdul Aziz Intnl airport ; Power system , short circuit study , survey of electrical system and submitting reports, recommendations and preparation of specifications . A prestigious project won on international competition . Completed the project to the entire satisfaction of the customer .Similar studies done in United Sugar Co & Tech: Institute Yanbu
  10. Yanbu Port – Del , T&C of Eaton MV equipments . Replacing existing competitor make.