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  • The internet of things (IOT) is one of several technology disruptions creating opportunity for transformation into smart manufacturing environments.
  • The solution will cover manufacturers information technology (IT)
  • Operations technology (OT) systems.
  • Unified network infrastructure.
  • Identify opportunities for using IOT technologies that enable seamless connectivity
  • Information sharing across people, processes and things.
  • This includes using IoT device intelligence
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Data analytics together to help manage the large data sets.
  • Balancing production activities based on upstream inventories and downstream demand.
  • Fleet management system.
  • Wearhouse management system.

Smart factory

Crowd management employee health dashboard

COVID 19 solution now you can trace & track all your employee all the time, with our solution you can analyze your employee activity all cross the organization, and with their other co-worker.

  • our solution will give you all precaution and health measurement required starting from employee entrance where we Use thermal cameras to detect people body temperature before entering the building.
  • We Segment the place to zones Every zone will have a specific number of people allowed to be in it at the same time, and only authorized people can enter it.
  • We Provide every employee with smart ID having all of his/her that collect data all day around such as location inside the building.
  • Our solution will give you visibility analytics capability and if infected by COVID 19 will help you stop the virus from spreading inside your organization whether your organization employee in a commercial building, or in offices event a in a factory or a huge retail store or supermarket.
  • We all saw how COVID 19 affected the way we did business during the last few Months and remote support was a must because travel was not even an option anymore.
  • We are offering Vuforia chalk remote support along with augmented reality to help teams collaborate together to fix and to keep the business running in a very flexible easy intuitive way from any type of device at any time all around the world.

Remote support

Analytic dashboard

Explanatory analytics discovers useful patterns and correlations within your data:

  • Predictive scoring makes relevant outcome based predictions (time to failure, errors per house, etc.)
  • Incorporated into IOT solutions executes simulations
  • Generate recommendations
  • Optimize product or process performance.
  • Digital simulation replicates behavior of physical products in the digital world.
  • Quickly generating intelligence.
  • Quickly generating insights that can impact service.
  • Operations and product improvement.

Measuring OEE is a manufacturing best practice; by measuring OEE and the underlying losses, you will gain important insights on:

  • How to systematically improve your manufacturing process.
  • OEE is the single best metric for identifying losses.
  • Identifying bench marking progress.
  • Improving the productivity of manufacturing equipment.
  • With our analytic capability now your operation team can see live data on their screens.
  • provides real time “check ups” of production lines and equipment, preventing unexpected problems.
  • Deep analysis of all production variables including machine data can help leaders to innovate the overall process, improve equipment capabilities, and improve performance of the entire line.

Overall equipment effectiveness OEE

Building utilization

Our Solutions For Buildings Can Transform Your Business By:

  • Connecting Facilities With Iot enabled Infrastructure.
  • Streamlining Operations With Predictive Maintenance.
  • Ensuring Your Building Occupants.
  • Get An Improved Experience.
  • Prevent Building Equipment Downtime.
  • Reduce Costs Improve Safety And Sustainability.
  • Expand Profitability With A Centralized Platform For Corporate Real Estate Transactions And Capital Projects.

AR experience has a lot of uses in every industry:

  • Starting from training in your employee on how to do their operational work with instruction using AR.
  • Saving your cost in sending employee aboard to get the training from an expert.
  • The AR experience will be explaining full operation steps by step to complete task.
  • Use AR in your product design phase saving you the cost of having a new demo every time the design changes.
  • You can use and build AR to be used in marketing activity
  • Sales
  • Education

AR experiences

Tracing & Tracking assets

Tracing Or Tracking Assets (Cars , Machines, Shipment, Boxes, Building Assets, Tools , Furniture .. ) Any Valuable Assets You Want To Be Away Of It’s Location All The Time:

  • Track Assets Inside Your Organization
  • Track Assets Outside Your Organization
  • Track Assets Operational Performance
  • Track Assets Location At All Time.



Pre-Sales & After Sales Services


Technical consultations


Solutions Demonstrations


Free License & Prove of Concepts


Training & Developing Teams


References and Resources
Defining the Process
Training staff
Mapping Current situation

The Industries

Industry Types we can provide Apply our Technical & Experience in

Food Industry
Managing Warehouse
Oil & gas

Implementing Those Solution Will Benefit Your Business By

  • Problems Are Resolved Faster
  • Down Time Is Avoided
  • Worker Safety Is Not Compromised
  • Manufacturing Cost Lowered
  • Superior Analytic Capability
  • Improve Decision Making
  • Optimize Day To Day Operation
  • Contextualize Data
  • Orchestrate Process
  • Delivers Users Experiences

The Value Of Digital Transformation

The Benefits Of A Digital Transformation Are Real Today…

Reduce Mean Time to Repair
Reduced Number of Service Call
Improve First Time Fix Rate
Improve New Hire Productivity
Reduce Time to Author Content
Reduce Customer Downtime
Improve Safety

These benefits have a tangible impact to customers…

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